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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Organization’s Translation/Interpreting Work

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Many people might think that any bi-lingual person can effectively do translation work. This may be true in some cases. However, we may find translation time-consuming and energy-taxing once we get to it. For instance, a bi-lingual person might struggle to find an equivalent term in the target language, semantically and pragmatically.

Many organizations outsource their translation work to a professional translator or translation company. Below are the benefits of doing so.

1. Time efficiency

Translation work can be very time-consuming, especially for a new translator or for a document containing a high volume of words. Outsourcing your organization’s translation work can free up a lot of time for your in-house staff so that they can dedicate their time and resources to other matters that are important for your business.

2. Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing translation work may require high up-front costs. Still, it is much cheaper than the opportunity cost you might lose if you assign your personnel to handle translation work or hire an in-house translator.

3. Quality

Translation is a profession. Being bilingual does not guarantee that the person can produce a high-quality outcome in a timely manner. Hiring a professional linguist can reassure you that you will receive translation work done by a language professional/linguist who understands your industry, business, cultural nuance, and communication goals.

4. Expertise

This is very important when hiring an interpreter for a formal event. A fit-for-purpose interpreter for your event ensures the best possible communication outcome for your event. For example, a well-trained or experienced simultaneous interpreter can translate your event in real-time. A person who has never done simultaneous interpreting before might easily be stunned and translate with a lot of mistakes and dead air.


Choosing your translation service provider can be tricky because there are so many players in the market. Contact me if you want me to translate a small sample of your work for a minimum fee.


Warangkana Hemsugon has over 10 years of experience in the translation industry. She is based in Bangkok, Thailand and works for many multinational companies and international development agencies.

WhatsApp and LINE: +66 86760 8898

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