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Legal Translation

Are you looking for a translator for legal documents or business documents? As a thriving business, you must be involved in legal matters, whether it is litigation, registration, legal compliance, etc. Precision is crucial in legal translation, and you surely cannot rely on a translator who does not have a clue about rules and laws.

I have been a professional legal translator for many years, with a proven track record of working for an international law firm and individual lawyers. I am detail-oriented because I know that minor mistakes can cause big damage.


At your request, we can have your documents reviewed by a Thai or American lawyer to ensure that the translated documents are as if they were written by a native lawyer. Alternatively, you can also choose to have your documents translated by translators who are language experts certified by the justice court. In some cases, certified translated documents are required for litigation or bidding projects from government entities.


Here are examples of legal documents that I translate.

  • acts of parliament

  • plaints

  • court judgment

  • ministerial regulations

  • notifications

  • contracts


The rate for legal translation starts at 800 baht per page or 2 baht per source word.

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